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Finding Quality Tape-In Human Hair Extensions

When it comes to human hair extensions, you might have come across a wide range of options offered regarding tape-in extensions.

Tape-ins have been one of the most convenient hair extensions that you can wear confidently on a daily basis. If you want to choose the best product that fits your precise look, here’s a quick series of tips to help you arrive at a confident buying decision…

Human versus synthetic hair tape ins

Human hair tape ins can be divided into subcategories. When you browse around high quality stores like, you will see some varying types and price points of sleek luxury tape in hair extensions to consider.

When possible, try to shop for the finest quality of human hair available, which ensures that the product will remain intact longer and remain consistent and relevant to the natural look and feel of your hair growth.

Learn how much are and where to buy the best high quality, luxury tape in human hair extensions for sale online by a top Black, African American owned brand including reviews, cost and prices serving nationwide and based near Sacramento, CA.

Human hair extensions tend to be a longer lasting and more diverse tape in hair extension options since you can color, curl, straighten, and style your hair just like your own hair. Synthetic hair, on the other side, does not provide as much freedom regarding look, styling and treatment.

The price point

The next question to answer is how much do the highest quality tape-in human hair extensions cost?

Top quality tape-in hair extensions are offered at price points based upon the quality of the hair (100% hand picked human hair is the luxury standard), as well as the length, volume and weave of the extension. 

Luxury tape-in extensions are priced for a good reason…you are going to use them for a long time as they tend to last much longer while retaining a longer quality of finish than synthetic extensions.

Buy from a customer trusted brand

Make sure you ensure your high quality tape-in extension experience from start to finish by purchasing from a customer trusted store. As a top Black, African American-owned tape in hair extension brand near Sacramento, CA, the sole focus at Beauty Cravings is to make sure you receive a red carpet beauty and hair experience because you deserve it!

At, you can quickly and easily find the high quality, luxury hair extensions in premium quality pre-taped with non-intrusive adhesive tabs for comfort and flexibility.

Welcome to Beauty Cravings: Where to buy the best high quality, professional, tape in human hair extensions for sale by the top luxury Black African American owned brand including reviews, types, cost and online prices serving nationwide and based in and near Sacramento, CA.

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